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About This Blog

I am currently easing my way into retirement after teaching history for more than 30 years. As an addicted student of history and lifelong Cincinnatian this Cincinnati history blog is part of my retirement strategy, though I use the word strategy rather loosely. It addresses two passions which influenced my life for decades – understanding the past and a fascination with my home town, Cincinnati. Even though I live in the suburbs I still consider myself a Cincinnatian, a sixth generation Cincinnatian to be precise and I love the place. It’s a great time to live here as the Queen City is going through a renaissance of sorts made sweeter after living through the malaise that set in here from the 70's thru the early 2000's. During those years it seemed the city’s best years were behind it. This perspective was shaped by the fact my grandmother lived with our family during my childhood. She was a proud Cincinnatian thru and thru born in the 1890’s. I grew up on a steady diet of her stories about old Cincinnati- about street cars, and market days, the ‘37 flood and “stubborn Dutchman” (Her code for attitudes of the Germans that populated Cincinnati), and even about the Civil War, of which her grandfather was a veteran. My grandmother’s Cincinnati seemed so much more vibrant and bigger, and far more interesting than the city of my youth. However, today things are different. I never dreamed I would see the Washington Park of the present, or Main Street sidewalks filled with pedestrians on a Thursday night. I still shake my head in disbelief when I stroll through downtown but it is immensely satisfying – long live the Cincinnati Renaissance. Sorry, I digress- one of my faults as former students and my own children can attest.

This blog is an homage to my city by looking at its past. I believe Cincinnati’s future rests with an understanding of its past (Chew on that one for a while.). While most of what you’ll find here is history focused, I will sometimes stray because I have a weakness for books and such, and I do love a good story.


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